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    All production phases, from the material supply and production, until the final delivery of the products, are checked by the responsible engineers of the Quality Control Department,
    in order to achieve best quality and maximum customer satisfaction.

    Quality Control of Welding

    DS.ISKRA. S.A. carries out quality control of all welding processes that take place in the factory, according to the following methods of testing:

  • Visual inspection: 100% of welding beams.
  • Liquid penetrant inspection: 15% of welding beams which are considered critical according to the static analysis.
  • Ultrasonic inspection: 5% of welding beams which are considered critical according to the static analysis.

Certificates of Welding Process

DS.ISKRA S.A. employs certified welders according to EN 287-1.

The welding processes are carrying out according to the following standards:

  • DIN 4100: Welded metal structures, mainly, under normal loading conditions. Calculation and structural configuration.
  • Eurocode 3 - EC 3 Part 1.1 & 6.6: Welded joints.
  • Eurocode 3 - EC 3 Part 1.1 & 6.10: Joints of concave cross-sections on reticular beams.
  • Eurocode 3 - EC 3 Part 1.1 Annex K: Joints of reticular sections by concave cross sections.
  • EN 25817 in combination with Annex H of ENV 1090-1: Criteria of welding approval.

Moreover DS. ISKRA S.A. employs certified inspectors of welding processes, one for each method of inspection described below:

    Quality Control Ilustration
  • Visual inspection.
  • Liquid penetrant inspection.
  • Ultrasonic inspection.
  • Certificates are recorded and published by
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