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What differentiates DS ISKRA S.A., from its competition, is that is supported by a complete Engineering Department, which is staffed with experienced professional engineers who with the help of specialized software, are able to challenge and design any complex metal structure.
For the analysis and the sizing of complex metal and compound structures, the Engineering Department utilizes the “STATIK-5/HOCH-5/FAGUS-5/CEDRUS-5“ software of “CUBUS Hellas Ltd “, “ PROKON CalcPad “ software of “ Prokon Software Consultants Ltd “ and
“ INSTANT “ software of “ C.C.S. Engineering and Design S.A “, which processes the following abilities:


  • Graphic data import
  • Possibility to design composite welded beams
  • Verification and checking of the structural members’ sizes and connection joints, according to EC 3 and other international standards
  • Spectrum analysis for earthquake compatibility, according to E.A.K. and other international codes
  • Linear-elastic & dynamic analysis of constructions from striped members according to new anti-seismic regulations and reinforced concrete regulations
  • Graphic design presentation for easier checking


DS ISKRA S.A is able to provide all the required by the authorities, structural analysis and sizing documents, for any metal structure, including all the relevant drawings, so the client will be able to submit them & obtain the building permits.
DS ISKRA S.A products are designed according to the international standards and codes, to ensure the correctness of the design and construction, which are as follows:


  • Eurocode 1: Basis of design and actions on structures
  • Eurocode 3: Design of steel structures
  • Eurocode 4: Design of composite steel and concrete structures
  • Eurocode 8: Design of structures for earthquake resistance
  • Greek Antiseismic Code E.A.K. 2000
  • German DIN standards
  • American AISC standards


The Engineering Department always ensures to have the most optimal proposal.

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