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  • The Design Department of the DS ISKRA S.A. employs professional engineers with experience in the structural steel design, using computer-aided design (CAD). They know perfectly well, how to use all the releases of “Mechanical Desktop” & “AutoCAD” drafting systems, that is mostly used for the two and three dimensional design.
  • The most important software that is utilized by the company and the one that is mainly used for the design of metal structures, is “StruCAD” of “AceCAD Software L.t.d.”, which is a CAD program that models metal structures directly in three dimensions and automatically produces drawings. “StruCAD” is a user- friendly graphic environment software and is programmed to satisfy to the fullest the design requirements of metal structures. The main characteristics of the “StruCAD” are as follows:
    • Fast input of the structural model in three dimensions.
    • Automatic production of general arrangement drawings, detail and construction drawings, with automatic update, every time a change takes place, in the main model.
    • Ability for automatic and complete error recognition in the positioning of beams and bolts and to check for free space around bolts, to allow easy access for tools.
    • Ability to import and export files in DXF format, for file transfer between other software programs (i.e. “AutoCAD”).
    • Automatic output of Packing List of all members of the steel structure including connection materials, as well as Erection Method and detailed Erection Drawings for the steel structure
    3D SLIKA

    Upon completion, the 3-D Model is been delivered to the Customer before fabrication, for inspection and approval of the geometry of the steel structure, as well as for briefing and coordination of all parties involved in completion of the project remaining works (foundations, roof & wall cladding, electromechanical equipment, orders of necessary material e.t.c.)

3D animation of "BODINAS" object made by DS ISKRA company

3D animation of "SYNCAFE" object made by DS ISKRA company

3D animation of "AL-CELIK-VEGA" object made by DS ISKRA company

3D animation of "KONTOVEROS" object made by DS ISKRA company

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