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The Philosophy of DS ISKRA S.A. is not limited to the already established methods that are prevalent in the steelworks industry. For continue technology transfer DS ISKRA S.A. has productive cooperation with universities, institutes and industry associations of international authority and credibility. DS ISKRA S.A. expands the technology in the design of steel structures through innovations; thus is able to increase its position against the competition.

The administration and the personnel of DS ISKRA S.A. is dedicated to give its outmost best when performing the assigned and promised to complete jobs. It seeks to produce time lasting results. It loves what it does; it has visions, ideals, values and principles that reflect on the character of its staff.
DS ISKRA S.A. belief is the continuing improvement of the design, integrity and quality of its structures. It has the ability to manufacture products and offers services at competitive price, in the shortest possible time that will satisfy the needs of its customers, much better than its rivals.

DS ISKRA S.A. can under lawful competition manufacture products and offer services that fulfil the demands of international market, and at the same time maintain and increase the production goals, the income of its employees as well as the company’s long term profits.

  • The value and credibility of  DS ISKRA S.A. products meet the needs of its customers.

  • The company moves dynamically from complete overall design to without restriction constructions.

  • Unfailing goal of DS ISKRA S.A. is the fulfilment of quality needs of the customers, while providing an added value for them.












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