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DS ISKRA S.A. is a modern, innovative company engaged mainly in steelworks fabrication, for variety of usage and clients.
DS ISKRA S.A. has the ability to fabricate steel structures of any size, usage and shape desired by the client, using hot rolled profiles, built-up sections, or combination of both, and provides mainly products & services in the following market sectors:

  • Energy Projects

  • Bridges

  • Special Projects

  • Multi– Storey Buildings

  • Logistic Centers

  • Industrial & Warehouse Facilities

  • Athletic Centers

  • Architectural Projects

  • Overhead Cranes

  • Built – up beams

The company's owned facilities are located in Kumanovo and encompass 33,000m² of covered workshoparea that is placed within 98,000m² of ground area.
DS ISKRA S.A. was established in October 2004, upon acquisition by Greek Investors, through a privatization process of an International Tender, of the company ISKRA Engineering AD-Kumanovo, which was in the past 60 years, one of the largest and most experienced steelworks manufacturers of Former Yugoslavia & regional market.



Since then and by end of 2007, a vast investment program of over 3,5mil Euro has been implemented, comprising in:

  • Maintenance as well as supply & installation of new computerized machines & equipment
  • Renovation of the facilities & networks
  • Application of new technologies (computers, software, hardware) for the engineering & designing and static analysis of the steel Structures.
  • Application of new technologies (computers, software, hardware), in order to monitor the production in all phases through a fully computerized system.
  • Organization and well qualified staffing of the Quality Control  department
  • Company Certification through international recognized certification bodies
  • Staffing of the design, production, sales and procurement departments with highly qualified engineers and carefully chosen & highly skilled technical staff.

The progress of the company only successful can be characterized, since within this short period of operation has successfully delivered over 15.000ton of steelworks, for various well-known companies, while the production capacity has risen up to 1.000 ton/month.
Main factor of the rapid development of DS ISKRA S.A., is its specialized and highly skilled staff, reaching almost 300 persons. The experienced and highly skilled scientific staff of the company consists of 80 Employees, with excellent high standard university education, while the carefully chosen and highly skilled technical staff rises up to 220 well-trained technicians, with many years of technical experience.

The reasons, which have contributed, to the company success can be summarized as follows:

  • Well organized and equipped production facilities
  • Staffing of the design, production, sales and procurement departments with highly qualified engineers
  • Ability to provide full structural analysis package documents, for the metal buildings structures, including all relevant drawings
  • The experienced, permanent working crews
  • Full technical support that company offers before, during and after completion of the project
  • Well organized and well qualified Quality Control department
  • Guaranteed, high quality of provided services
  • Fully computerized structure of the communications and working environment, during all phases of the project


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